Following a meeting with the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Yaxley Neighbourhood Watch has chosen to promote use of the Trygve mobile application for community communication. Residents can find the application on the IOS App Store or Google Play Store.  Once installed please search for “Yaxley” to find our group.

Trygve helps communities come together to build a stronger, safer society.

By encouraging people to support and look out for each other, Trygve works to prevent local crime and accidents.

We believe if members of a community are active in supporting one another and working together, social sustainability can be achieved. In essence, a community takes the responsibility of its preservation back into its own hands.

Our mission is for this willingness to act, respect and support each other to be prevalent in communities throughout the world.

It’s in our nature to turn to fellow members of society in times of need, which is often more forthcoming and readily available than the local authorities. Organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch are a perfect example of civilians working together to reduce crime locally, but it is still far from its full potential in the modern world. Trygve takes the Neighbourhood Watch ideology and offers a new and exciting way of delivering these concepts and objectives using digital technology.

Because Trygve is a not affiliated with any political views or religious groups, Trygve offers an online environment that’s completely inclusive, regardless of sex, age, religion or disability and is available for everyone, free.

Posted from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom.